Meet Tammy Jo

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Tammy Jo O’Neal, LMT, CTP

Tammy Jo O’Neal is a 1990 graduate of the Massage Institute of Memphis, a licensed massage therapist (LMT) since 1994, and a Certified Trager® Practitioner (CTP) since 2010. Her work is strongly grounded in the Trager® Approach, which uses movement and touch to rebalance the body and mind to enhance self-awareness, confidence, ease of movement and inner calm. She is also certified in:

  • Pre/Post Natal Maternity Massage and Infant Massage Instruction
  • Myofascial Release and Sports Massage Therapy
  • Manual Lymph Drainage

Since 2011, Tammy Jo has collaborated with therapists and counselors at the Transformation Center, an intensive outpatient program in Cordova, TN, where she provides the Trager® Approach for people working with loss, grief, trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD). She has also successfully used Trager® to support her own healing journey with Multiple Sclerosis since 1999. Ms. O’Neal has experience with applied therapy in performing arts and sports—helping musicians, artists, performers and athletes enhance and restore their ability to perform with greater ease and joy. A Nashville native, Tammy Jo attended Memphis State University as a Music Education major (‘82-‘85), and performed as a dancer, stilt walker and actress in local theatre during the 1990’s. She has volunteered with the Project Motion dance company since 1994; worked with Holbourn Integrated Therapy Clinic assisting the New Ballet Ensemble and Playhouse on the Square with therapeutic rehabilitation; and served as a trainer for the Memphis Roller Derby travel team during the 2011-12 seasons. Drawing from a diverse set of tools, techniques and expertise, 22 years of private practice, and Dr. Milton Trager’s approach to Psychophysical Integration and Mentastics®, Tammy Jo skillfully adapts her methods to individual needs. She enjoys helping clients develop a stronger awareness of their internal mind-body environment, so they can move, work and play more naturally, with less effort and increased freedom. Sessions are cumulative in nature, designed to help gradually identify and re-pattern limiting subconscious habits over time. A founding member of the Midtown Food Coop, Tammy Jo advocates for local and organic farming and fair trade collectives, to support local economies, our environment and personal health.