Journey to a Diagnosis

… I woke up prepared to meet the day with three Massage clients on my book and very quickly realized something was not quite right. The center of my vision was blurry, missing almost, in the left eye. It was as if a gray splotch was in the way.

I kept my first appointment, troubled, and half present. I realized this problem was not going to just clear up so I called a local Optometrist who could work me in that day. He sent me home with an eye test chart and said “If the problem gets worse, come back in three days”. What?

The problem got worse. My field of vision was closing off. The Optometrist sent me to a specialist who recommended I see another specialist who got me in THAT day. Okay. This never happens. She recommended I have a MRI that was scheduled THE NEXT DAY. I began to realize this was not just “My lucky day”.

The next recommendation was to see a Neurologist because the findings from the MRI (which had to be done a second time due to inadequacy) seemed to show some plaque formations in my brain. All I knew was that the picture in my left eye was totally black at this point. I was going blind! and frankly, I felt like hell.

It took some talking, but I agreed to a Spinal Tap to determine which auto-immune disorder I was dealing with. MS was the outcome and a heavy duty steroid in outpatient care at the hospital was the treatment. Me, a healthy, vibrant, 35 year old having to deal with all these Doctors and Hospitals was crazy!

I didn’t have much of a choice. My whole world was on shaky ground and changing rapidly. I didn’t know who to trust, but had faith this would all soon be taken care of and disappear all together. I knew better deep in my heart, this was the beginning of a life changing experience.