What Works for Me

What Works for Me

More strength and flexibility in the limbs and specific muscle groups that are not permanently incapacitated; more energy and vitality for coping with the physical and emotional strain, and for cultivating an active and rewarding life with all capacities that remain; better balance and marked improvements in standing and walking; and a greatly boosted moralefor maintaining a positive outlook and remaining open to all useful possibilities.”  ~Deane Juhan, author of Job’s Body


As you have probably read through these pages, I am quite an advocate for the work of Milton Trager, MD. As a student of his work, I have received quite a few Trager sessions from Instructors, fellow students and a handful of Practitioners. With each session, I have discovered such a comforting sense of remembering how I use to move and feel more like the self I once identified with “me” before my diagnosis. These “re-connections”, if you will, I liken to an old fashioned switchboard..like the kind you see in old movies, where an operator plugs in a series of phone lines to connect you to the party you are wishing to talk with. Like those connecting lines, the nerves that have come “disconnected” or un-plugged, get plugged back in so that my brain can communicate better with my limbs. I can walk or talk more efficiently. The feeling is wonderful! and I feel as if nothing else in that moment can bother me.

I can still remember the first time I felt this, I was in Seattle, WA receiving my recommendation session  from Whimsey Cherrington to begin my studies in the Trager Approach. Her office is in Capital Hill. I had taken a bus up the hill from First St. because it’s quite a hike from Downtown. After the session, I felt the “reconnection” to my feet. They were feeling and responding so well for me I decided to walk all the way down the hill, back to my apartment. I felt like I 0wned the city that day! When in fact I actually owned my feet…what an amazing thing to recall.

Today, I came across this article written by Deane Juhan, an amazing Trager practitioner, Anatomy Instructor and author of Job’s Body. Follow this link and enjoy Deane’s inspiring and informative essay http://www.tragerus.org/index.php?view=article&catid=10%3Amultiple-sclerosis&id=33%3Amultiple-sclerosis-the-trager-approach&option=com_content&Itemid=32

Yes, it takes some sifting through and possibly a dictionary, and yet his insights are a very hopeful study in the possibilites of living a full and meaningful life..

“What measure of hope and active engagement, then, what improvements in quality of life and functional capabilities can The Trager Approach offer sufferers of MS? Virtually all of the patients that have experienced Trager sessions, and all of their practitioners, agree upon four main areas of immediate and sustained benefits:

www.acupuncturememphis.com in Memphis, TN., help me more than any one thing I do in my life.  The Acupuncture helps restore balance and tone to my body, it’s functions, as well as my phycological well being. Marlene has taught me SO many things about how my body and mind works. These lessons are valuable understandings that help me make the best decisions possible to keep me functioning and thriving through my week. I may not choose to adhere to what I know is the best thing for me to do or not to do, but at least I have the opportunity to choose what is right for me at any given moment.
I’ve learned that following my intuition is usually a very wise choice..

Studies have found direct benefits of Massage Therapy with MS patients.

To read more go to http://www.massagetherapy.com/articles/index.php/article_id/730

Personally, the weekly Acupuncture sessions I receive from Marlene Bair,  MSOM L Ac, who works with Acupuncture and Healing Arts Medical Group