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YOU Can Afford
Massage Therapy!

Do you receive a monthly Disability Check?
You may qualify to receive a special discount on massage therapy!

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Specializing in assistance with MS, CP, Parkinson’s and Stroke,
Relief from Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder

At this time,  our National Healthcare system will NOT allow Insurance claims for reimbursements made to Licensed Massage Therapists.

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I’ve started an Ionized Water Club !
purchase Alkaline water by the gallon

bring your own glass bottles~
for more info call TJ @ (901) 337-2867
to start drinking this deliciously clean tasting alkaline water

“Why should I??” you may ask
Drinking Ionized Water can help balance your  blood’s pH with its..

1. Antioxidants: neutralizing free-radicals with negative OH ions
2. Alkalinity/pH: disease cannot thrive in an alkaline environment
3. Oxygen:  delivers twice a much oxygen to your cells as tap or bottled water
4. Hydration: smaller cluster size increases absorption and cellular health
5. Superior water filtration options: including the level used for kidney dialysis

filtering process produces acidic water for external use:
sterilizes wounds, burns, skin ulcers, kitchen cutting boards, etc.
visit www.trygoodwater.com for more in depth information